Summary Sheet

Seven Springs Cattle
Performance Traits


• Short gestation period of 277 days

• Excellent maternal traits

• High milk production

• Smaller teats so calves can latch on easily

• Excellent udders

• Large pelvic scores

• Vigorous calves with improved calf survival

• Moderate framed, cows mature at 1050-1250 lbs. and bulls at 1650-1900 lbs.

      which means they are cheaper to maintain

• Lighter birth weights calves, averaging low 60 lbs. to mid 70 lbs.

• Average daily gain greater than 4 lbs. attainable

• Top feed efficiency

• Easy fleshing, ability to finish by 14 months of age

• High tenderness

• High marbling proven by ultrasound and genetic testing

• Back fat less than .20"

• Highly fertile, bulls can settle 50-70 cows

• Extreme longevity

• Hardy

• Mild tempered

• Resiliency to altitude disease

• Homozygous line-breeding increases hybrid vigor for desirable and predictably-               consistent traits of the bull. This improves calves from cows of existing herds.

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