Irish Black Cattle®

                      Seven Outstanding Performance Traits

                            ---An Introduction to the Breed---

Pure Genetics

Irish Black Cattle® benefit from almost 50 years of closed book line-breeding which results in a small gene pool that is readily

DNA tested to guarantee parentage. 

Consistent Genetics

Consistent genetic performance traits are a mark of Irish Black Cattle® that provide for reliable transmission of desirable genetic traits.


Carcass Quality

Tenderness and marbling is a true advantage of the Irish Black® breed that leads to an excellent beef-eating experience.  An extremely high score for carcass traits of the Irish Black® is confirmed consistently within ultrasound data.

Marketing Flexibility

Irish Black Cattle® producers enjoy added profitability and increased marketing opportunities across the spectrum due to outstanding performance from ranch to rail.


Environmental Adaptability

Bred specifically for demands of the US meat market, the Irish Black® breed is a proven performer. This breed thrives well from America’s high-altitude range lands to the humid coastal regions; withstanding bitter winters while they slick their hair easily in high heat.

High Fertility

At 18-months and older, Irish Black® bulls are capable of breeding 50-70 females within a tight calving schedule. This means fewer bulls are required per herd. Savings are realized in both the initial investment of herd sires and on-going animal maintenance.

Gentle Dispositions

The acclaimed work of Irish Black® geneticist Maurice Boney placed high value upon good dispositions. Following the expert, we continue to breed for quiet, gentle animals to be a joy on the ranch.

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