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The Future Looks Bright

Established in 2017, the 300-acre ranch spanning both borders of Arkansas and Missouri is now known as Seven Springs Cattle Company and home for our family. Much about the ranch is naturally picture-perfect; but many things have been upgraded. Improvements include selective clearing for more grassland pasture while preserving over and undergrowth for natural shade and beauty. Some of the 





springs now feed into ponds that provide cool, mineral-rich water to support the cattle. And of course, fencing and cross-fencing has been added and upgraded so the cattle can graze on fresh pasture.  

As the land changes and improves, so has the Wiechman family! Tom and Lisa's oldest son, Wes, and his lovely new bride, Lauren, live in Northwest Arkansas where Wes is enrolled at the University of Arkansas Law School as Lauren serves the area as a Registered Nurse.

Hannah's life is filled with church activity, special friends, sports, music and academics. Even with her busy schedule, she is passionate about caring for 




                                     Seven Springs Cattle Company is a proud member of the

                               ARKANSAS CATTLEMEN'S ASSOCIATION

The Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association is dedicated to leading and bettering the beef

cattle community.  in Arkansas forward. We do that through Legislative efforts and

advocacy for consumers to purchase the safe, healthy product that we produce. 


all the animals on the property---including barn cats, ranch dogs, and of course, the calves.  

Brayden is ramping up his studies in science, history and mathematics while playing basketball. His form of relaxation is trout fishing. He can both catch and prepare the meat for family meals. Brayden has a special gift for memorizing cattle tag numbers and matching them to the right cow.  Considering most of the cattle on the ranch are solid black, this testifies to how much time he spends with them. 

Our family gratefully gathers around a table filled with love, laughter and the best -tasting, natural, local, grass-produced meat we've ever experienced.  Our hope is the same for your family!



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