Seven Springs Cattle Breed History Overview 

Seven Springs Cattle Company beef genetics were made in America for the specific performance needs of the US Beef Industry and the American consumer.  The proven results of this program have spanned nearly fifty years of progressive genetic development.  The foundation blood is built upon a forward-thinking genetic plan combined with strict performance criteria. Simply, the Seven Springs Irish Black Cattle® offer beef cattle genetics with incomparable consistency, incredible feed efficiency, unmatched fertility and excellent overall performance.


Roots of Seven Springs cattle trace to Iowa during the 1960's when Breed Founder Maurice Boney succeeded in establishing this line of cattle. To date, they are unparalleled in their genetic power.  These dominant genetics come from a carefully tested, tightly controlled and time-proven line breeding program.  Seven Springs Cattle primarily derive from Beef Friesian genetics with a small portion of their blood tracing to some old Aberdeen Angus "Revolution" lines.  Added to this mixture was  "plain, hard-working, quality females."  Essentially, Boney developed his "ideal" American commercial females before importing Friesian sires from Ireland to contribute excellent carcass qualities critical in creating the best beef product possible.


In 1971, Boney closed the Irish Black® herd books to concentrate on their Friesian blood and protect the breed.  Time tested and proven performance records dictated the selection and development process.  His philosophy placed product quality and customer satisfaction first. Both US beef producers and consumers were top considerations. Important traits such as tenderness, marbling and good taste were built into the breed. Seven Springs Cattle Company Irish Black Cattle® are functional, structurally sound and minimize the dependence on labor.  


Still today, this line breeding performance offers producers consistent, uniform and highly efficient cattle. Breed purity is trademark-protected as originally filed by the Founder and available through Irish Black® and Irish Red® Trademarks office. 


With challenges facing today’s cattle producers, Seven Springs Cattle Company offers unique opportunities to battle constantly rising productions costs through improved fertility, increased pregnancy rates and lower feed bills. No other breed comes close to the 4.79 average conversion rate proven by a recent pen of half blood Irish Black® feedlot steers. To demonstrate this feed-efficiency on bottom-line impact for the producer:  a producer can either run 100 average beef cows or 120 half-blood Irish Black® females on the same food rations for a comparable result in weight gain and performance. With this example, a producer can slowly improve a herd just by adding bulls to the average cows of an existing herd.

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