One bull can positively transform the future of any beef operation.  

Seven Springs Cattle Company stands upon this bold statement while raising the absolute best bulls for today’s cattle industry.


Our seed stock herd animals are direct descendants from the celebrated genetic

program initiated in the 1960’s by the late geneticist Maurice Boney. His life focus

was to create and breed a superior beef lineage in the United States tailored for

American breeding standards and table cuisine. Imported from Ireland, the Beef

Friesian served as the main genetic influence in Boney’s development program.

Boney dedicated years to meticulously selecting, breeding and culling cows that

were to be evaluated for fertility, calving ease, high weaning weights, udder

quality, food conversion, flavor, tenderness, longevity and disposition. Only the

most exceptional specimens rightfully earned the distinctive trademarked name-- Irish Black Cattle®.


The quality of today’s Irish Black® herd at Seven Springs Cattle Company is a direct result of Maurice Boney’s 50-plus years of strict guidelines and visionary herd management. What this means for your program is that when Seven Spring Cattle Company bulls are bred to your Angus or commercial herd, the offspring created will demonstrate rapid growth due to heterosis (hybrid vigor).


Simply, the desirable traits Maurice Boney worked tirelessly to standardize will be apparent in your F1 offspring! The F1 females will perform at the highest level you’ve ever witnessed; and your bull calves will wean heavier than in previous years.  As for performance in the feed yard, Irish Black® Cattle will finish out earlier with an amazingly efficient feed conversion rate and with higher percentage yield on the rail. Descendant cattle from Boney’s genetic program at Seven Springs Cattle Company have been tested to  have extremely low back fat of  .017 inch, and heavy marbling (producing the best taste and texture).

Welcome to Seven Springs Cattle Company! 

Tom Wiechman 


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